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Welcome to the Anthology Project.

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What is the Anthology Book Project?

The Anthology Project is a book made up of a group of authors who contribute 1-individual chapter and focused around a specific topic.   With the Anthology Project you safe time, money and stress compared to writing a full book.  You are only responsible for 1-chapter.  

Best of all, you get to celebrate becoming an International Best Selling Author with co authors making the launch even more exciting.

Current Anthology Books:

Women of China: The 5000 Year Journey to be Heard

The Women of China Anthology Project is all about unity.  Celebrating  Chinese Women as they stand as icons, captains of industry, and powerful artist.  A collaboration of NYC meets LA meets Shanghai.  

Grounding breaking, the Women of China Anthology is formatted in both Mandarin and English, creating an immersive experience for the reader in both Western and Eastern culture and language. 

Now Enrolling

Space is limited to only 15-authors.

Return to the Land: Homesteading and Farming in the 21st Century

The Return to the Land Anthology  focuses on the practices, people and adventure of modern day homesteading.   

From permaculture and organic farming to animal husbandry, our authors share they tips and stories from surviving to thriving by living off the land.

Now Enrolling

Space Limited to 30-authors


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