Employment Boot Camp: Facebook Group Membership

$29.47 / month

With our monthly membership you get:

  • Thing #1 Monthly Training Topic

  • Thing # 2 Weekly Live Sessions

  • Thing #3 Access to Private Facebook Community

  • Thing #4 Strategic Target Research

  • Thing #5 Our LinkedIn Makeover Training



Employment Book Camp: Facebook Membership Group

We have taken the Know. Like and Trust model of selling with our product-based business and applied it to getting a job


So how do we get companies to Know, Like and Trust you?

  1. We start by optimizing your Profile: Just like dressing for success, your profile demonstrates who you are, who you serve, and what you can do
  2. Use our strategy to identify your targeted companies and their network to not only reach the recruiter, but the connections he knows, likes and trusts
  3. Develop a focused base of connections and get you known to the right people
  4. Train you on how to develop effective, consistent messages that lands with your targeted audience so they can like you.
  5. Create consistent content that allows your targeted audience to see what you are about and trust you.
  6. Compile a database of companies, their connections, and contact information to finally reach out and apply for that job.


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