Women of China Anthology Project


Women of China: 5000-Year Journey to be Heard
The Women of China Anthology Project is all about unity.
Celebrating Chinese Women as they stand as icons, captains of industry, and powerful artist. A collaboration of NYC meets LA meets Shanghai.

Grounding breaking, the Women of China Anthology is formatted in both Mandarin and English, creating an immersive experience for the reader in both Western and Eastern culture and language.

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This powerful book will feature up to 15 co-authors, who will share their unique perspective, tips, and insight to being successful Women of China. Co-authors will be positioned as the expert and influencer they are while sharing powerful information, what it takes to move forward, and sharing tips and insight on how the reader can more powerfully step into being an empowered life in their own life.
Our co-authors will enjoy greater visibility, positioning, and expanded reach in the marketplace here in the U.S. and worldwide. Being seen as an Influencer and Best-Selling Author, making a difference in thousands of people’s lives, increasing your income by building your reach – a winning combination!
Reach more people with your message while being positioned as an
Expert. Expand your reach and grow your influence.


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